What Your 2016 Wedding Probably Looked Like

2016 has completely flown by, another year in the books! Weddings have definitely transformed, grown, and gained some class over the years. Let’s just say we have come a long way from tulle and puffy shoulders. This year some of my favorite things, personally (even though I have yet to get married), were the foiledContinue reading “What Your 2016 Wedding Probably Looked Like”

To Drink or Not to Drink…That is the Question

Naturally we all seem to know what to do before the wedding. Probably due to Pinterest, David Tutera, and those planning books your mom buys you the day after you get engaged. We know there will be a shower of cute decorations that you will never see again. A bachelorette party that is either superContinue reading “To Drink or Not to Drink…That is the Question”

Rollin’ in the Dough

Hmmmm, donut wall….super adorable! They are sometimes the best dessert or breakfast and they are simply SO cute! I mean who doesn’t like donuts? However, realistically how sanitary is this or how do they stay up on the nails holding them? If they are fresh they will probably slide off. Plus, this thing will needContinue reading “Rollin’ in the Dough”