Meet the Team

Hello Bridal Couples!

We are two best friends and sisters that love doing everything together, and with My Vow Wedding Planning, we love celebrating YOU!

Certified with The Bridal Society and boasting several customizable packages, we have the knowledge,  the experience, and a no-nonsense approach to making your wedding dreams a reality!

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Hello there! I am Vanessa Walker, Co-owner at My Vow Wedding Planning.

In 2013 I was a Business Marketing major at the University of Nevada, Reno, and at that time I was quite unsure of my post-graduation career path. What I’ve always been sure of however, is the value of hard work, as well as having a deep passion for helping people. Since Reno is known for quick marriages, I thought, “what about helping people get married!”

Determined to get my foot in the wedding industry door, I called a dozen different wedding planning companies in the area.  Only one company called back, but persistence paid off, and soon I was interning (for free) at a venue that offered planning, coordination, catering, photography, invitations, bartending, rentals and flowers, all in one space.  There I learned the ins-and-outs of the wedding industry from the experienced owners and staff… I was hooked!!

However, all good things come to an end.  I had bills to pay and could not keep interning for free, so I had to throw in the towel and dedicate more time to my “paying” job.  I was upset that I could not continue, but knew this was not going to be the end forever.

Summer semester of 2014 I was ready to start my own company, but it wasn’t easy.  Even with all my experience from the internship, and a Marketing degree, it was apparent I would need more.  I needed to get certified through The Bridal Society.  A course was being offered in L.A., so I booked a flight and took off to chase my dream!  Let me tell you, it felt like I  learned more in two days than I did my entire college career!  My instructor, Laurie Hartwell, is a lady boss who broke down every angle of managing a wedding and provided so many invaluable tools that My Vow utilizes today.

It all comes down to my passion for making dreams come true as I worked hard to create mine.  The instant reward of seeing bridal couples so in love and happy on their special day is so immensely satisfying.  I am a genuine person looking to get you all the help you will need before, during and after your event.  I am here to make true connections with couples and even local vendors.  I am all about supporting small businesses with big dreams as I am one of them. I will only recommend vendors you can rely on and those that share the same passion I have to make your day unforgettable.

I can’t wait to meet you!!

Alexis 3

Hey there! I am Alexis Walker and I am a Co-Owner at My Vow Wedding Planning. Here is a little bit more about how I got involved in the wedding industry.

I started college in 2013 at San Francisco State University.  I randomly took a job at the dining center on campus – mostly because I was a hungry freshman – but I soon found myself working in the events world. My interest was sparked as I worked as a banquet assistant, working a variety of events, from student social events, faculty luncheons, to department graduations. As someone who loves and appreciates organized chaos, I found that events had a very unique and special place in my heart.

In 2016 I started nearing graduation, so I wanted to get some “real world” experience. I started interning at a business management firm that focused on corporate events and incentives.  Making schedules, picking up client gifts, and running all around downtown San Francisco as an unpaid intern wasn’t so hard, because at least I was doing something I loved. In the meantime, my sister had already started getting things going with My Vow, and she wanted me to join the team. In May 2016, Vanessa flew me down to Los Angeles to complete the same certification course she had taken a couple years prior so I could officially become part of the team. I completed my first two weddings with her that year. 

I graduated college in August 2016 and I wanted to stay in San Francisco for another year, because of course – San Francisco is the heart and soul of the event industry! By the end of 2016, I had two jobs that kept me VERY busy. I was the Assistant Manager at a bakery in the financial district, responsible for up to 13k of catering sales every day! I was also a House Manager at a Museum in the Yerba Buena Gardens, which hosted plays, corporate events, and private parties. 2016 was the year that I felt most accomplished – getting my degree, working my first wedding, and working 50+ hours doing what I really loved.

Commuting from San Francisco to Sacramento to help my sister with weddings started to get tiring, so in 2017 I decided make Weddings more of a full time priority. Since then, I have got to see my dreams become a reality – all while getting to do it with my favorite person! Let me tell you, getting here has not been easy, but I have managed to stumble across a variety of jobs and experiences, and thats what helps make me successful in this industry.

I am passionate about making each special day – full of organized chaos – the most memorable day in your life and I can’t wait to share this with you!

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