What Your 2016 Wedding Probably Looked Like


2016 has completely flown by, another year in the books! Weddings have definitely transformed, grown, and gained some class over the years. Let’s just say we have come a long way from tulle and puffy shoulders.

This year some of my favorite things, personally (even though I have yet to get married), were the foiled invitations, hashtags, removable skirts, and greenery!

The foiled invitations are so timeless and are extremely drawing to the eye. You want to just stare at the adorable little piece of paper! It is also a very effortless decision. Many places have various templates to choose from and any shine of foil is guaranteed to match your theme.

We are living in the time of the hashtag. To be honest, I am already planning mine! Some people like to make a funny hashtag dependent on the new last name or some like to keep it simple. Doing this allows them to see the pictures that anyone posts during the wedding and gives easy access to add those to their scrapbook.

I mean why were removable skirts never thought of!!? Gosh, GENIUS. Such a simple change and now brides can wear the skirt again in the future or they could get it cut shorter to be more versatile. Same goes for the top! This keeps the wedding dress from collecting dust in the closet and makes you feel like your money is spent on more than just one day…although these 2 pieces seem to have a higher price tag.

Lastly, the world is turning to a healthier lifestyle and greenery just gives off a fresh atmosphere. Earthy tones portray the positive, healthy, and just light vibes and making the experience feel very organic. Bottom line, it also just looks good!

Find out what else you missed in 2016: What’s Hot for 2016:Top Wedding Trends

(Photos and Details by Kim Forrest, The Big Affair, Amber Hatley Photography)


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