To Drink or Not to Drink…That is the Question

Naturally we all seem to know what to do before the wedding. Probably due to Pinterest, David Tutera, and those planning books your mom buys you the day after you get engaged. We know there will be a shower of cute decorations that you will never see again. A bachelorette party that is either super relaxing and peaceful or you and your 5 closest friends are blacked out drunk. There is no in between. Then comes the big day filled with so much happiness that you will want to throw up and continue to sweat even if it is a winter wedding. All the anticipation is built up and in a good way gushing off of your shoulders and you can finally enjoy the day with your new hubby and new huge family. Drinks will be poured, embarrassing words will be toasted, and the photographer will be around to only shoot your best angles. But enough about you, what are your guests supposed to be doing before the wedding?

Probably buying you a gift, writing you support in a Hallmark card, posting on Facebook about how happy they are for you. The night before the wedding they are probably finding a babysitter, reminiscing on their own wedding day and realizing how fast time flies. Or maybe they are drinking the night away having to think that they are still single and can only rely on their own dog to attend the wedding with them. Wait, should a guest be drinking the night before? Staying up late? Find out what your guest should NOT be doing the night before your big day!

Find out at:


(Image and details by Sarah Title)

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