Wedding Favors Fit For Any Wedding

Wedding favors are the icing on the cake to your wedding night. It is something that will remind your guests of how much fun they had or it is something to symbolize you as a couple. Either way, your guests will love the thoughtfulness of sending them home with something special.

  1. Thanks For Popping By! (popcorn kernels)
  2. Blankets (perfect for an outdoor, evening wedding)
  3. Mini Champagne Bottles (keep the party going after the bar closes!)
  4. Sending you S’more Love (great for a campfire reception)
  5. Sparklers (amazing photos to follow)
  6. Luggage Tags (Destination Wedding)
  7. Honey Jars (Forrest Wedding)
  8. Succulents (they last a long time, with little attention)
  9. Jam Jars (maybe from a family farm)
  10. Mini Bubble Gum Machines (couple with a sweet tooth)

Which would you choose? What are your ideas?


(Image and details by Melissa Hammam at 10 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love)


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