Becoming a Certified Wedding Planner

A year ago I decided to chase my dream of becoming a wedding planner. I flew to Los Angeles, CA from Reno, NV to take a weekend long course required to be a Certified Wedding Planner through the Bridal Society. It was the best experience and totally worth every penny. I have never learned so much in 2 days and I had never been so excited for my future.

A few months later I started my own business and this wasn’t easy since i was also starting my senior year of college. Although I was busy with school, I was able to get a lot of little things out of the way for My Vow.

Today I am taking bigger steps to help My Vow succeed. It is hard work, but since I love this industry it’s all worth it.

If you have a passion for the wedding industry don’t be afraid to dive straight in! The Bridal Society offers courses nationwide! Go to and find a city near you to chase your dream with the best instructor, Laurie Hartwell ♡


One thought on “Becoming a Certified Wedding Planner

  1. Thanks to Vanessa, my now husband and I were able to get many of our conscious and unconscious questions answered. For example, “what is the song you want to hear when you walk down the aisle? Or the song for your reception entrance? Or are we able to bring in outside vendors from the vendor list? ect…” The list of questions, some you know to ask and some you don’t even think of asking, goes on and on but Vanessa definitely knows them all. Her expertise of the wedding industry greatly relieved my stress of all the wedding planning craziness that we all brides feel during what is and what should be one of the best experiences of our lives. Vanessa insures that it WILL be one of the best experiences of your life with her know how. I couldn’t be more grateful for her huge support and assistance during my wedding planning this last year of 2015. If you’re in need of a wedding planner or just someone who has an answer to your question or someone who has a question you should ask, Vanessa is your girl!

    Jordan Fuhrmann
    Married on August 22nd, 2015
    Kirkwood, CA


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